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This space is under construction for now 'til I can get it rolling. It'll help me a WHOLE lot if you can send me fanfic, fanart, ect. I promise that this section will be up faster. ^_^
FanArt: definely welcomed! If you have a TLKFAA account with fanart and you want to have some of your art on this site just tell me and I'll like your account on to this site. ^^ And you don't need a TLKFAA one! That was only if you have one.
FanFiction: I'm cool with it atleast if it's PG-13 or less. Sorry, but I don't really want any XXX because of webrings, =/
AMV: amv? Yes, if you have AMVs than I'll gladly put them up on this site! But first you have to upload it on Youtube and game me the link. I'll put the video on this site, put the link to the video on YT, and link your account.