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Name Translation:Honoring God[[Greek]]
Personality:A big motor-mouth, he has a sarcastic New Yorken attidute. He's always up for jokes, mostly to Pumbaa's expense. He also either knowingly or unknowingly takes Pumbaa's ideas and takes it as his own. But behind it all he seems to be a loyal friend to Pumbaa and Simba.
Timon was born in a meerkat colony not far from the Pride Lands. All his life he was an outcast because he didn't like doing meerkat work;building tunnels, looking out on guard wasn't his thing. He left the colony in search of a place to belong. Not long after he met Rafiki who taught him Hakuna Matata and also met Pumbaa. After trying to find Hakuna Matata in places which key events in TLK took place they find an oasis and live there for a while.
Then, they find Simba. Timon at first didn't think it was a good idea to take care of a lion