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This story is different from "A Tale of Two Brothers"! It does not show how Taka[[AKA Scar]] got his scar! This story pretty much explains why Scar is bitter and jealous of Mufasa. It also shows Sarabi's and Sarafina's past...So yeah enjoy!
Also, sorryabout using a normal page for fanfic, I don't know whot to get those pop up pages with no links. =/ Sorry.
Chapter I
Thump! Taka swooped down and caught a mouse in his small paws. The young cub held the mouse in his paws, giggling.
"Hey Taka;Throw it here!"Mufasa, his slightly older brother hollared out.
Taka threw the mouse over at his brother, who caught the small mouse. Thye both laughed as they threw each other the mouse at each other playing a game of catch. Then a lioness ran into the cave and whispered something to Cub's father, King Ahadi. They stopped their game and listened curiously at their conversation. Since the King and Lioness were whispering to each other they couldn't hear anything but a few the few words they heard were, "...check them out.". The King and the lioness ran out of Pride Rock as quickly as the Lioness came.
"What's you think's going on?" asked Taka.
"Dunno....."said Mufasa."The elephants are probably still holding the grudge over the Antelope. Those elephants can never forget the past."
"Are you sure. Daddy seemed more concerned the the last time that happened."said Taka.
"I know..but it's probably nothing. C'mon, let's annoy the Rhinoceros!"exclaimed Mufasa.
"Sorry boys, I think you should stay in Pride Rock for now." said a calm and gentle female voice from the shadows. It was Queen Uru, the mother of the two Princes. She had dark fur which Taka inherited and brown eyes that Mufasa inherited.
"What..?"Asked Mufasa annoyed."Why?!" 

"There's some things going on in the PrideLands and I think you two should stay here until further notice." she said in her motherly tone.
"But what are we gonna do now?"  Mufasa asked.
Uru looked around trying to find something for her boys to do."Why not play tag.?"
The two Princes looked at each other and remembered the last time they plaged tag in Pride Rock. They knew the lionesses wouldn't take their babysitting as repayment after the damage they caused last time. And Zazu couldn't fly for a week!
"We'd rather not...." said Mufasa, looking at his mother.
Uru remembered the last time they played tag."Ohhh I know...."she looked around."Hmmmmmmm......."
Right then, Zuzu, the King's majordomo and his son Zazu flew in Pride Rock. The two hornbills landed on a rock not far only three feet from the two cubs. it was placed there for them to be able to sit in Pride Rock.
"Now son, stay here while Mummy helps the king."Zuzu motherly told her son as she slowly flapped her wings, ready to elevate from the rock.
"Okay Mummy.."Zazu said as her her lightly pecked his cheek resembling a kiss. Then she flew off into the Pride lands.
"Okay Mummy..."Mufasa mocked. Then Uru lightly  smacked him in the back of his head. "Owww!" He rubbed the back oh head and mumbled. "Sorry..."
"Now I have to do some work. Meanwhile, you three go and play. "Uru said walking away. As she walked away the mouse from Taka's paws scurried away to a small crack in the corner of Pride Rock. He looked at his empty paws, frowning and sulking his ears.
"C'mon Taka, let's find that mouse."said Mufasa seeing his younger brother's saddened face. He didn't really care about Zazu, seeing that he was talkative and pretty annoying.
"Hey!?"Zazu exclaimed ruffling his feathers seeing Mufasa walk away."What about me?"
"Ummm..."Mufasa paused not knowing what to do with Zazu. Zazu knew that he didn't want him but he knew how to make the Prince change his mind.
"Well if you don't want me that I guess you wouldn't want to know what's the big fuss in the Kingdom."And right after Zazu stated that Mufas faced and him looked at him in curoiusity.
"What is it!? What is it?!"he asked.
"Well.."Zazu said. "A lioness and two cubs were spotted in the Pride Lands. Nobody knows where they are from or why they are doing here so the King is trying to find out."
"So that's what daddy was talking about?"Taka said.
Mufasa nodded his head at his younger brother and then faced Zazu."So how do this lioness and two cubs look like?"
Zazu answered."I don't know. When Mummy and I were eating the King told my Mum about the lioness and I had to come here."
"Wow, that explains a lot."Mufasa said sarcasticly.
"Hey?! You wanted the information and i told you all I knew!"Zazu exclaimed.
"I didn't ask for the info Banana beak!"Mufasa said angrily lookin at Zazu straight in the eyes.
"It's Mr. Banana Beak to you, Fuzzy!"Zazu responded as he pressed his beak to his as both of their eyes met in an angry glare. A glare that could of made lightning if it was possible. Taka smacked his own forehead, and thought.'Not again'

Footsteps were heard from the entrance of the cave. It was King Ahadi, three lionesses, Chupa, Azima, and Rasimu, and another unknown lioness with two cubs close behind her. The lioness had dark beige fur with dark blue eyes. The cub closest to her had the same fur color as her, brown eyes, and a black stripes over her ears. While another female cub had light creamed fur and big green eyes. Mufasa and Zazu stopped their fight and watched the lions come into the rock.

'Wow, the black striped cub is really pretty.'Taka thought, looking at her.
"Woah..."Mufasa whispered to Taka leaning to him."Are they the lioness and cub?"
"I think so."Taka answered his brother, whispering.
Then Ahadi faced the pride and said boldly,"Excuse me, may I have your attention!"All the lionesses, including Mufasa and Taka looked at Ahadi, giving them there undivided attentenion."It's very rare that a lioness or lion from another pride come to the PrideLands, seeing that this place is something that people just wish to live in for only a few moments. But today a strange lioness and two cubs, one which is her daughter, and one that is her daughter's close friend. Their previous pride, Pride Valley was attacked by hyenas and they are survivors."Ahadi paused for a moment. The lionesses whispered to each other, many of them saying how they couldn;t believe that Pride Valley, a pride that was strong and not far from the Pride Lands could of been attacked by hyenas. Then Ahadi boldly continued,"Now I want everyone to welcome Sura and the two cubs into the Pride lands! That's an order!"
All the lionesses happily walked up to Sura and greeted themselves. Mufasa and Taka watched from where they were standing.  The two cubs stood next to their mother, too afraid to go away from her side.
"Mufasa do you think we should talk to 'em?" Taka whispered to Mufasa.
"I don't know. So you really think? They look a but scared." Mufasa answered.
"You think we should wait 'til they are a little less shy?" exclaimed Taka.
"I think we should."Mufasa answered.
After a few minutes, Ahadi went up to the females cubs and lightly told them," Why don't you go to my sons." He pointed to Taka and Mufasa. The females cubs looked at each other, wondering if they should really go and meet the cubs.
"They're noth nice lads. They won't bite." assured Ahadi. The cub with beige fur slowly walked first to them and the other one followed her. Both of them were a bit afraid meeting the new Princes but they knew it was rude of they didn't.
Taka decided to speak up first. "Hi I'm Taka!"
"Hello, I'm  Sarabi." said the beige colored cub. In her tone of voice she was still a bit shy."And this is Sarafina." she said pointing to her friend.
"Hi.."Sarfina quitely said.
"I'm Mufasa. Nice to meet you."greeted Mufasa."So what brings you here to the Pride lands?"
Ummm...well our other pride was attacked."Sarabi said slightly louder then before, seeming a little less shy.
"Really? That's horrible!" exclaimed Taka.
"Yeah...Sarafina lost her mother."Sarabi explained.
"Your Mom's dead?" Mufasa said looking at Sarafina.
"Well...we really don't know. The last time we saw her she was being chased." Sarabi explained.
"Yeah, it was so scary."Sarafina said, for the first time in a quiet tone of voice.
"Well don't worry here! My Dad and the other lionesses will protect you!" assured Mufasa, standing straight up and popping his chest up, trying to look brave.
"Yeah and us too."Taka said, trying to look brave as well. Sarabi and Sarafina giggled.
"Wow, we feel so safe now." Sarabi said sarcasticly.
"Well you should be..."Mufasa exclaimed, seeing the sarcasm in her voice. He walked in the regal manner closing his eyes. Because he couldn't see what was in front of him, Mufasa apparently didn't see the end of Pride Rock[[not the edge but at the side]] and slipped and fell down to the other rock, landing on his back. Sarabi and Sarafina both giggled.
"Hehe...well..."Mufasa said, blushing.
"Don't worry your majesty. I feel safe now." Sarabi said with no sarcasm in her voice and holding out her paw to help him. The Prince grabbed her paw and sat up.
"You ok..?"asked Sarafina, still giggling.
"Yeah..."Mufasa said a bit irritated. He shook a bit cleaning the gravel in his fur.
"Hey did you guys forget about me?!"asked Zazu angrily as he flew to the where the cubs were. he landed on the floor next to Taka.
"Who's he?"asked Sarabi.
"Ohh this is Zazu. His mom is our majordomo."explaimed Mufasa.
"And he might be our majordomo."Taka added.
"'s nice to meet you." Sarabi friendly said, facing Zazu."I'm Sarabi."
"and I'm Sarafina."Sarafina added.
"Well it's nice to meet you,madams." Zazu said, bowing to them."And now for you Young master..."Zazu said facing Mufasa and placing his hands to his side."You think you can forget me?"
"What? I just wanted to be friendly to them."Mufasa said."Don't get your feathers stuck in your beak."
"Ummm...why don't we do something fun...or...non-anger realted."Taka said, a bit nervous, trying to stop the arguement.
"Yeah, why don't we g to the waterhole?"Mufasa suggested.
"I don't know,"said Sarabi."I just came and I don't think my mom would like for me to wander around right after we just came." She looked at her mother who was inside the den, talking to Ahadi and the other lionesses.
"You got a point."Mufasa said.
Taka looked around and suggested."Maybe we could play with a bug or a mouse." Right after he said that, Sarafina yawned. They had just spent days wandering around and had little time to rest. Her eyes were half open, showing how tired she was.
"Maybe Sarafina and I should take a short nap."Sarabi suggested, looking at a tired Sarafina.
"You can go ahead...Princes don't take naps."Mufsa proudly said.
Then Queen Uru walked out of hen den to her two cubs."It's time for your naptime, you hardly slept last night."she said to her sons.
"OK Mom."Mufasa said, walking in the cave. Of course he had just embarrissed seeing that he said that 'Princes don't need naps". And now he was going to take a nap. Taka followed right beside him.