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Who's Nala's Father

I'm sure most of you have heard the Question, "Who is Nala's Father?". The Creators said that either Mufasa or Scar are the father of Nala. Here you say your opinion and even argue a little.
My Personal Opinion:I believe that neither Mufasa nor Scar are the father of Nala. One thing, lions do not breed with family;it has something to do with scents. Also I hate when people use this as a reason,"Nala and Scar have green eyes.". Let's see, Sarafina[Nala's mom] has green eyes as well. Her eyes are somewhat of a mystery to me. In Simba's Pride her eyes are blue. Is her eye something inherited by and lost before she had her children[[or child]]? Anyways, I think that her father was a former member of the Pride Lands. If you've seen SP, after Kovu "saves" Kiara from the fire, Simba said about letting him join the pride"My Father's law will prevail...". Why would Mufasa make such a law unless possibly a lion had saved a Pride Lander[maybe Sarafina] and was allowed to stay in the PLs. He might have been kicked out of the pride for some reason[maybe Scar's behind it because Simba and Nala are betrothed]. =3

Who Do you Think's Nala's Father and Why:

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