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Chapter II

The next day, the sun rose over the land. In Pride Rock, where all the lions slept, Prince Mufasa was awake.  He stood at the edge of the magnificent rock looking over, waiting for the sun to rise. As he saw the smallest particle of light from the sun he happily ran inside the cave.
"Taka! Taka!"he loudly whispered running to his younger brother who was sleeping next to his mother.  Mufasa skipped along, accidently hitting a few other lionesses."Whoops...sorry."he said after hitting a lioness. After that he ran up to and whispered to him,"Taka....wake up!"
"No....five more minutes." Taka sleepishly moaned.
"C'mon Taka!"Mufasa irritatedly whispered, nudging on his brother's head.
"Mom, tell Mufasa to leave me alone." Taka asked, yawning.
"Mufasa leave your brother alone." Uru tiredly said.
"But's really important."Mufasa pleaded.
"Alright..."Taka said as he weakly stood. His eyes were half closed due to him being tried. Mufasa however, ran to the edge of the Pride Rock, looking over the kingdom. Taka slowly followed him, yawning.
"So what's so improtant?"
"We're gonna give Sarabi and Sarafina a tour of the Pride Lands."
"Why do we have to wake up so early. I doubt it they're even awake."
"Yeah, but we have ti get really for the 'main attraction'."
"What 'Main attraction'?"
"The Elepahnt Grave yard!"
"What?! The Elephant Grave yard?!!!!!!!!"
" don't want to wake up the lioness."
"But we're not allowed to go there."
"I know but think about it. They're gonna be lionesses of the pride and when they grow we need their respect. So if we go to the Elephant Graveyard, show them that we're brave, and we're respected. But we just need to get them to go to the graveyard with us."
"Why don't we tell them that we're just gonna give them a tour of the Pride Lands."
"Ha! You're a genius Taka!"
"When the sun rises up all the way that we don't see our shadows, we'll ask 'em." ***He's talking about noon.***
The two cubs snickered at the idea. Soon when the sun rose up that all the Pride lands was relished with light, the cubs walked to the Watering Hole, getting a drink and planned their plan. When their shadows were small, the quickly ran to the lounging area, where most of the lionesses were sleeping or relaxing.[[The place where the bath scene was set in TLK ]] The two cubs saw Sura bathing Sarabi and Sarafina sleeping next to her. Uru was laying on a rock across them with her paws crossed and laying her head on them.
"Excuse me, Miss Sarabi's mom, can Sarabi and Sarafina come out and play?" Mufasa asked innocently, trying to hide his mischevious ways.
"So what are going to play?" Uru asked, not buying the whole 'Innocence'.
Mufasa became nervous for a second, but faced his mother and told her,"Ohh...We;re gonna give them a tour of the Pride lands!"
"Yeah, they need a tour from the princes."Taka added. Both of the Princes smiled big smiled, hoping there mother and Sura would let them gave the cubs a tour.
"I saw the Pride Lands when I came here. Why do I need to stop a bath to look at the Pride Lands?" Sarabi asked as her mother was continuing giving her a bath.
"But you didn't see the whole Pride Lands." Mufasa said, facing her.
"C'mon Sarabi, I think it'll be fun!" Sarafina said, waking up.
Sarabi sat up and looked at her mother."Mom, do you think I should get a tour?"
"I don't know, let's see what their mother says."Sura said, looking at Uru.
"Mmmm...I don't see why not-If they don't plan on going into any danger...if Zazu goes with them." Uru exclaimed.
"What..?"Mufasa said, "That majordomo wanna-be?! Mom we're not gonna gonna go to any danger!"
"Mufasa, it's either go with him or you can't." she told her son. She wan't stupid, she knew her son were up to something.
"Fine...."Mufasa said dissappointed.
All four cubs walked around the Pride lands with the young Zazu following them.
"So here is the main Water-hole." Mufasa said, stepping on a rock that was next to the water."Most of the animals come here to drink and blah...blah...blah...."
Sarabi and Sarafina looked at each other in a 'I can't believe I actually am doing this' way.
"But there's better stuff than the water hole."Mufasa smoothly said.
"Like what?"asked Sarabi.
"You'll see." Taka said with a mischevious.
"See what?" Zazu asked, seeing the smile on the Taka's face.
"Ummmm....somewhere." Mufasa answered.
"It better not be dangerous." Zazu pointed out."Though I am young I still know that the difference between dangerous and sa-" Zazu continued doing the thing he liked doing best:talking.