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Sarafina slowly and cautiously crouched down in the cool savannah grass at the edge of the Pride lands. Her pray, a small heard of antelope were only twenty feet away from her. She was hunting alone, but her lioness power and instict could help her put them down. Her striking green eyes were blazing as she saw the prey. Slowly and swiftly, she jumped up and tried to swipe an antelope with her paw but it pranced away before she could. She chased her prey, wanting to just swipe it down for a meal.
How long had she been chasing that antelepe? Minutes? Half an hour?  But after the time limit the antelope had accidently falling off a hole, about twenty to thrity feet.
"Jeez, why do all the good prey fall into holes?" Sarafina whispered to herself.  "Maybe Mufasa should make a law about having no holes bigger than a lion." She looked around. "Where am I?"
The land around her wasn't the Pride Lands. There was mostly sand, dirt with little blades of grass poorly growing from the earth. She wondered how long she had been chasing her prey. She looked down in the hole and saw the antelope laying dead on the ground and sighed.
An ancient law in the Pride Lands to ban killing for sport, which was the reason why the hyenas were exiled long ago. Of course, Sarafina was hunting it for food but she knew that it was a big waste that it had to die for really no reason. Mufasa was very strict about the law and never allowed anyone to do anything like that. But it was only because he wanted to take care of his kingdom.
Looking around, she knew that coundn't of been that far from home.  She started wondering around the area, trying to find something familiar that could help her find her way back. No use. She could not recognize anything she saw.
'Where am I?', she thought, 'I couldn't have gone that far. I mean, I thought I knew the area like the back of my paw.' She look at the back of her paw. 'Woah! I didn't notice that there."
There she heard an outragous laugh. One that she recognixed immediately:hyenas. She looked around, watching them come into view, surrounding her.  She growled, ready to slash a hyena that came close to her. But surrounding her were more than just a few hyenas. More than thrity of them. Though she was afraid, she kept her guard up and hid her fear from the hyenas.
"Well, well, well, look what we have here.", snickered Shenzi, circling around her."I guess a little ol' lion lost her way home."
"Get out of here before I rip you to pieces!" Sarafina roared. Another hyena, with bushy eyebrows, Banzai followed Shenzi.
"You think you scare us lady?"He chuckled.
She held her ground, showing her sharp teeth. "Go back to the Elephant Graveyard hyenas!"
"Oh but we are in the Elephant Graveyard." Shenzi chuckled. Sarafina looked around and saw just a few yards north it was just dirt and bones. She gulped in fear. She was trapped! She ws in their territory and they could do whatever they wanted with her.
"What part should we eat first?"asked Shenzi, showing her sharp teeth.