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Name Translation:Mirage[[swahili]]
Personality:A proud wife and mother, she is kind-hearted, loving, caring, respondsible, and calm in most situations. She's very wise and strong physically and emotionly, after living under Scar's reign after her son[[what was thought]] and mate's death but still kept holding on to her dignity.
No one knows about Sarabi's childhood. Well in 'Friends In Need' her teenage past is shown but not that much. >_> Anyways....make your own theories.
Some time Sarabi was married to Mufasa and became Queen of the PrideLands. Both of them ruled fairly and had a deep understanding of the Circle of life. Soon, Sarabi gave birth to a son, Simba. Though Simba was rambunctious and a little trickster some of the times, she was still proud of her son.
But sadly, Mufasa was murdered by Scar[[Taka]] and Simba was exiled and thought to be dead. Scar became king, not telling the lionesses about him murdering and tried murdering Mufasa and Simba. Losing all the joy in her life, Sarabi dedicated herself to the Pride Lands. Years later, when the Pride lands became a wasteland, she tried telling Scar that they should leave pride Rock but Scar refused and struck her down, after she made a comment about his kingship. But thanks to an on-looking Simba, she was not murdered. Though heartbroken about Simba's confession about him thinking that he killed his father, she was relieved that Scar was the killer. After a large fight, Simba reclaims the throne and Sarabi looks up to him with pride.