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Welcome to Lion King Kingdom! A site dedicated to the Lion King and all it's greatness! ^_^ My name is Jagoda and yes, I am a HUGE obsessed fan of TLK. I can't help, the movie is a masterpiece. I guess my obsession started not long before the starting of this Summer. It was at night around midnight and since I was bored I tought that maybe I should go revive some old memories and I decided to watch The Lion King. Thus, my obsession was born. I've grown up with the movie and use to watch it over and over before I even understood what they were talking about. I mean, I know the lyrics to all the songs! Also, since I'm a good singer it flows in a wierd way. xD Ya know what I'm saying? Some of you aren't....I know you don't. xP
This isn't my first web site but it's my first TLK one. My other one[which was Dragon Ball Z, my former obsession] didn't go so well and I forgot about it. I'm hoping this site can go well. In this site, I learned more about customizing sites with Tripod. I hope you enjoy my site and feel free to email
Also, for a copyrighting statement: I do NOT own The Lion King, Lion King II:Simba's Pride, nor Lion King 1/2:Hakuna Matata. Do I look like Disney to you? No, Disney wouldn't use Tripod to host a website. Anyways, if I owned Simba's Pride I would put adjustments to make it more interesting and I would make a Lion King 3![About Mufasa and Scar's past] But since TLK 1/2 is called TLK3 outside of USA and Canada so it might have to be called TLK4. I also don't own any of the characters unless I made them up and it's apart of fan-fiction.

11/9/07-Umm yeah, well lately I've really been just touching up once in a while but tonight I changed and updated a lot. So yep, please enjoy. =^^=
8/13/07-Lion King Kingdom is opened! Sorry 'bout so much stuff being under Construction. ~Jagoda


Webrings=Messed up for now. >_< I don't know why. I joined a few of them and made one of mine own. >_> Anyways, since the navigation bars are not working for these fabulous webrings I'm gonna give you the links!

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