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The Legacy of the Lion King

In the beginning on the story, all the animlas come to Pride Rock to see the presentation of Simba[[hosted by Rafiki]], the newborn son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. Not far from Pride Rock in a cave Scar finds out that he's no longer the heir for the throne and is very bitter about it.Mufasa comes to Scar confronting him about why he was not in the ceremony right before he was about to eat Zazu. It is obvious to see that there is a little sibling rivalry ut to Mufasa it is just sibling rivalry, not knowing of his brother's evil ways.

Simba grows up to be a rambunctious, naive and somewhat arrogant cub who likes play around and just can't wait to be king. One day Mufasa teaches his son about the Circle of Life and how when he will be king that he should respect all the animals. But the lesson is cut short when Mufasa has to get the hyenas out of the Pride lands. Soon Simba comes up to his Uncle Scar bragging to him about him becoming King of Pride Rock[[unknowing that he was jealous and homicidal over it]]. He plants curiousity about the Elephant Grave yard in the young cub knwoing that he would probably go there. Of course, Simba goes to the Elephant Graveyard and even brings his close friend, Nala with him. In the Graveyard both of them are chased and almost eaten by hyenas but Mufasa saved them. Later that night, Simba sees that he has big "shoes" to fill seeing how small he is compared his father and Mufasa does not scold at his son, but teaches him about the great kings of the past and how they are watching over him.

But Scar confronts the hyenas, annoyed that they did not manage to kill the two cubs. The hyenas blame eveything on Mufasa saying that they would of  been able to kill the Prince if not for Mufasa. He then reveals to them about his plan to kill his brother and nephew in the song, "Be Prepared." He gathers up a whole army of hyenas[[Which kinda appear out of nowhere in the song xD]]  but only has three leading hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

Later, Scar leads Simba to wait in a gorge saying that Mufasa has a "Marvelous surprise" with him, with the young cub not knowing that it was trick by his uncle. Scar commands the hyenas to start a giant stampede into the gorge. Right before the stampede started Simba loudly roared at a chamillian trying to prove to himself that he doesn't have a little roar[[Which is why he thinks he started to stampede]]. Right after the wildebeest run to the gorde and the frighten Simba runs away and holds on to a dead tree. Not far from the gorge, Mufasa and Zazu notice the stampede but Mufasa does not think muchof it until Scar comes up to him and tells that Simba is down there. Unconcerned about his own life, Mufasa comes down to the stampede and catches Simba when he falls off the tree. He is able to put his son to safety but he falls back into the stampede. But he he is able to climb up a cliff and asks his brother to help him. But Scar grabs his paw and said those mocking words, "Long live the King." Which Mufasa finds out that his brother was jealous of him and ready to kill him. Scar lets go of his paws and Mufasa is crushed by the stampede. Scar blames the whole thing on Simba dn exiles him out of the Pride lands. He orders the hyenas to kill him but decide not too seeing tht he was as good as dead out there anyways. Scar tells the lionesses that Mufasa and Simba are dead and that he takes the throne letting lions and hyenas live together.

But Simba is not dead, but just collapses from heat exhaustion in the desert. Vultures come around him but the comical pair Timon and Pumbaa scare them off not knowing there was a collapsed Simba. Both of them take them in seeing that he could be protection to them. Seeing that Simba was obviously depressed, they teach him about the Hakuna Matata[[No worries]] lifestyle and telling him to let the past behind him, not knowing about how he was the Prince and that he thought that he killed his father. They also introduce him to a diet of bugs.

Soon Simba grows up[[When he walked on that magic log xDDD just kidding]] into an adult living in the Hakuna Matata ways but he still can't help but remember about his father and the Pride lands. An unknown lioness tries to eat Timon and Pumbaa but Simba protects thme but he was no match for her. He then reconizes her as Nala, his childhood friend. They find out that their friendship has blossomed into love. After "Can you feel the Love Tonight" both of them get into an arguement about him becoming King. When an angry Simba is alone after the arguement Rafiki follows him and teaches him that hisf ather is him. Then Mufasa's ghost appears to him and tells him to take his place in the great Circle of Live. Simba comes back and Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa find out that he went back when Nala asked Timon if he know where Simba was and Rafiki said, "You won't find him here....The King has returned."

Simba comes back to the Pride lands finding it in ruins making him angry. Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa follow him and are ready to fight for it. Unfortunately for Timon, he has to do a hula dance to distract the hyenas. Simba tells Nala to get the lionesses while he looks for Scar. When he was looking for Scar he saw him scream, "Sarabi"[[Simba's mom]]. He looked off in distance as she walked up to Scar with the hyenas attempting to bite her. She explains to Scar that there is no food and they have to move out of Pride Rock to survive. When Scar refses Sarabi replied, "If you were half the king Mufasa was..."  Which angerd Scar, striking her to the ground. Then Simba came in which would probably be Sarabi's murder to take back the throne and protect his mother. But Scar tells everyone that Simba was respondsible for his father's death[[which Simba thinks he really was]] and let's him cling to the edge of a cliff. Thinking he won, the evl uncle tells him that he killed his brother[[Simba's father]] and Simba comes up and forces Scar to tell the truth. When he tells them the truth a huge fight breaks out against the lions and hyenas. Soon Rafiki comes which helps Simba find Scar who was walking away from the fight. At the edge of a cliff, Scar pleads for his life an tells that the hyenas were the one who thought of it unknowing that they had followed him. Simba obviously knew he was lying seeing on how he decieved him all his life. But, he let his uncle live but exiling him from the pride lands, but his Uncle threw hot coal in his Simba's eyes temporarily blinding him. There was a fight between but Simba is able to throw him off the cliff. Then Scar is killed by the hyenas he betrayed. Soon Simba takes the throne as king of the pride lands.

Later, the Pride lands is back Colorful and full of life and the Animals are all surrounding Pride Rock as Rafiki presents Simba and Nala's new cub....The Circle of Life was Complete.