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It pisses me off when I see people saying stuff about TLK or about the character that are not true. So here I made this so people know what to believe and what to not believe.

Mufasa Hates Scar;
Probably the biggest garbage I ever heard and the biggest reason why I put this up. Mufasa does not hate Scar! it's vice versa[[or Scar just liked kingship more than Mufasa and Simba]]. Anyways, if he really hated Scar, would he really let him be in his kingdom? No! He's the f'in king, he could of exiled/killed him! Also, seeing that he let Simba talk to him, you can see that he just thinks that it's just sibling rivalry. That's all to him. 
Scar is Kiara's Father;
Okay, this is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. >_> How can he be her father when Kiara got like 85% percent of Simba's looks and looks nothing like Scar? Tell me that?! Huh? Do I hear an answer...? No I don't. Kiara has Simba's eyes, facial structure, ect. but with a mix of Simba's and Nala's fur color! Ya got it?! Also, in her presentation[[I believe Kopa's presentation was in TLK while Kiara's was in SP]] there were trees, plants, and animals. A lioness's pregancy lasts about 3 1/2 months. Do you think that all of the plants could grow in that time? I really don't think so!
Zira is not the The Mother of Kovu;
Okay, for beginners, I understand that. But if you look at Kovu's and Zira's eyes, they have the same eye structure. Eh? Some people say that he might be the Son of Scar and Sarabi/Sarafina/Nala, ect but that's wrong. The truth is in the eyes!
Kiara Looks Like Nala;
-Jumps off a bridge-... -.-; Gahhh, can you people just do me a favor now. Just look at a picture of Kiara for just three seconds. Just three seconds. Now looks at a picture of Nala for three seconds. Last, look at a picture of Simba for three little seconds. Look at Kiara's eye structure and color. Does it look like Simba's or Nala's? Did I hear Simba? Correct! Now just look at her other facial features...Isn't it odd that it's a lot like Simba...? Fur color? think? Seems like a mix of Simba and Nala's? I see I don't have to explain anymore.
If you have more popular untrue TLK, SP, TLK 1 1/2 facts that you want me to unravel, just email me at in this format;
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