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Name Translation:Careless
Personality:A kind-hearted and trusting warthog,he'd do anything for a friend. He may seem to be stupid, but he's really not seeing that most of the things he says is either right and Timon tells him something else or Timon steals the idea. He may be clumsy and have a -Cough-Gas problem...-Cough- but he's a loyal friend who'd always come through for a friend.
Pumbaa grew up as a normal warthog except for one thing...gas! Many of the animals outcasted him because of his problem so he was very lonely. He also didn't think that he really deserved to have any friends, full of shame.
Then one day he met Timon, who wanted to find "Hakuna Matata"...and well...look at Timon's biograpy. =O