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1.You know every line to atleast one TLK movie.*
2.You steal your younger sibling's TLK toys and use them as your own.*
3.Your friends and family know more about TLK then they want to know.*
4.You make a list of people who said bad things about TLK and they disappear one by one.*
5.You think Elton John's crowing achievement was in TLK.*
6. You think Simba is a nice cut of Lion. Rawr! ^.~ xD*
7.People tell you to get some professional help for your obsession.*
8. You have gotten a TLK tattoo[[real or fake]].*
9.You've watched TLK more than 100 times. *
10.You can do six degrees to any movie and they go to TLK.*
11.You know where you were on June 15, 1994.
12.You make a TLK website.*
13.When you're waiting for something you just play the TLK movie in your head.*
14.In your near death experience your life instead of your life flashing before your life it was Simba's life.
15.You randomly blurt out quotes you saw in TLK fandubs from youtube.*
16.You've watched one of the movies atleast five times in the last week.*
17.The only reason you know about meerkats is because of TLK.*
18.You look up to one of the TLK characters.*
19.You make a "When you Had Too much TLK" list and most of them applies to you.*
20. You know who Kopa is.*
21. When you were buying a copy of TLK and there was only one copy left with another one wanting it, you broke at least one of the other person's bones to get it.
22.You legally change your name to a TLK character's name.
23. You call your boyfriend/girlfriend either Simba[[for guy]] or Nala[[For girl]]. ;D
24. More than half of the memory of your computer is because of TLK pictures, fanfiction, videos, audio, ect.
25. Whenever you see a Disney book you look mainly for something TLK.*
26. You use you time on the internet to look at TLK web sites.*
27. You know how the characters changed from TLK to SP. *
28. Most of your videos on your youtube account have TLK in it.* Proof! =D
*-I'm guily of them. xD

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