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Uru's Wish

So pretty much this is a fanfiction I made. It's takes place on the date that Mufasa and Taka[AKA Scar], was born. Just read and enjoy.
Uru's Wish
It was a warn, sunny afternoon in the glorious Pride Lands. Everything seemed to be at peace. Except for one thing. The Queen, Uru was in labor!
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"Screamed out the Queen in pain in the birthing den, that wasn't far from Pride Rock. The contractions were slowly ripping through her skin like a saw through thick wood. The queen's trusted servant and long time friend, Chupa, a well built, dark creamed fured lioness with purple eyes was by her side holding her paw. 
"Push Your Majesty! Push! It'll be over soon!"She chanted. Uru just replied in a bloody scream of pure pain.
Then a head popped out. It was a golden colored cub. The gender wasn't known until Uru pushed out the rest of his body;it was a son. But it wasn't over. Uru felt the pain of child birth again. She was going to give birth to another cub. The Queen screamed louder and felt more pain then the first child! She didn't have the will to go on. The first child took so much strengh out of her that she just wanted to collapsed and pass out.
"Uru you must do it! The cub is counting on you!" screamed Chupa, seeing her pain.
Uru, hearing her words found the strength to go on. After one single push, the child came out completely. It was another son. His fur was dark, like her's. The cub was also visibly slightly smaller than the golden colored one. At the tip was dark fured cub's tail was a small tip of black hair, look the father, King Ahadi had. While the golden colored one had red hair at the tip of his tail, like Uru did. Uru beamed with pride looking at her two sons.
"They're beautiful..."Chupa commented.
"I know."Uru responded."The new Princes of Pride Rock."
Not long, King Ahadi walked into the birthing den to see his sons.
"Two cubs?!"
"Yes Ahadi, they're twins. Though they look very different."
"You know that only one of them will become king."
"What about the other one?"
"The one that will not be heir will be first in line to the throne until the other one will have a cub of his own."
Uru looked at her two newborn sons. Only one of them would become king? What would happen when the other one wouldn't become heir anymore. Also, if one of them becomes king, what if he would drive the other one from pride Rock? All those ideas swarmed in her head. She loved the two cubs more than anything but she didn't love Ahadi. Her father, the late King Mohuto had arranged their marriage when they were just young cubs. The marriage was not well, but they had the cubs.
"Are you alright your majesty?" asked Chupa.
"Ye- yes. I'm fine. Just a little nervous."Uru replied, trembling a bit.
"I know. Motherhood can be scary at first, but when the cub opens it's eyes for the first time and smiles, your fears dissappear." Chupa explained. She was a mother herself. Just a week ago she had a female cub she named Kecha. Besides that she had a teenage son named Bruda.
"Yes I know but I had two cubs! That's twice the work and one of them is going to be King while the other one might become a rogue!" Uru said, with her voice cracking, ready to cry.
"Don't worry, Uru. You'll teach the boys to respect each other and everyone else." said Chupa."You don't have to be afraid. maybe one of them will become King but the other one can be a helper."
Uru took a deep breath calming down. "Okay...I should just relax."
"Now, you should rest. You had a rough day." Chupa said, walking out of the birthing den.
Uru rested her head down to the hard floor and closed her eyes. She couldn't sleep. Physically, she  laied still and close her eyes, still as a rock. But mentally she had a bunch of worries jumping around in her head. She worried about her sons and just wondered what would become of them.
Later at night, when everyone slept in Pride Rock, Uru still couldn't sleep. Her thoughts were about the cubs she had given birth to. After over an hour of restlessness, Uru slowly slipped out of the cave. She looked up at the stars. The memories of her father telling her when she was a just a cub of the Great Kings of the Past that look over everyone. Was her father up there? She thought he did, she knew he did. Everytime she felt alone ever since that bloody winter's Eve since he died, whnever she felt alone she ust looked at the stars and felt the same warm presence as she did when he was alive.
"Father....I wish you could see my cubs."Uru said softly, looking at the stars."They're both beautiful. But, I'm sure you saw them." she chuckled a bit."I bet you saw them before they were even both. I remember when I was young and whenever I was sad you always made me look at my reflection and told me that I would become a strong, loving Queen" she lowered her head a bit."But now you're gone....and there soon will be a new King. But there are two Princes. What would happen if one of them will become king? Should the other one become a lower than that one? They're both very special." her head rose up and she screamed out." What should I do?! I love them bothand they both should become Kings!"
The stars twinkled slightly brighter than before. Mohuto and the other Kings of the past heard her cries.
"Kings....please let both of them become a king, I don't how nor when but just both of them be Kings."Uru screamed out. In her mind, Uru was thinking of letting the boys actually take turn with the Kingdom. Though it was law that a King must be King for life no matter what but something had to let her boys become King."Please...I try my best to be unselfish. I don't lie, steal, cheat other people. So please just do this...For not only me but everyone else. Maybe both of the boys have something that the other one diesn't have that's good for a King....Please...."
A cool breeze blew Uru's face. Uru then sighed and walked in the cave.
Her wish was granted but not in the way that she wanted it to be.  The golden colored cub, that was named Mufasa became King to his brother's bitterness. The smaller one that was named the day Taka, later changed to Scar killed his brother and blamed it on Mufasa's son, Simba. It is unknown of the King's of the past had really caused this. happened.