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Name Translation:Lion[[Swahili]]

Species: Lion

Personality: He is lively and rambunctious, sometimes arrogant and loves to go on adventures and play with his friend Nala. After the death of his father in which he thought that he was respondsible he ran away and lived a Hakuna matata lifestyle, he became more cool but his guilt isn't far from the surface.


Simba was the first born son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi and first appeared at the presentation on Pride Rock. Unknown to either Simba or Mufasa, Scar planned to kill both of them to take the throne.

Seven months later Simba grows to be a rambunctious young cub that just can't wait to be king. One day his father teaches him about the Circle of Life but the lesson is cut short when Mufasa has to drive out the hyenas. He then brags to Scar about him going to become King unknowing of his evil plan.  then Scar plants curiousity in Simba about the Elephant Graveyard knowing that he'd go there. Simba brings Nala with him, telling his mother that they are going to the Waterhole. Sarabi, wise to his tricks, tells them that they can go only if Zazu comes with them. They are able to distract him with the song "I can't wait to be King." and go to the graveyard but Zazu contches up with them. They are chased by hyenas but Mufasa are able to save them before it's too late. He is then taught about the Great Kings of the Past and how they watch over him.

Later, Scar tells Simba to wait in a gorge telling him that his father has a "surprise" for him while he'd get his father. Then Scar told the hyenas to start the wildebeast stampede. Right before the stampede came, Simba loudly roar[[for a cub]] and then the wildebeast came down. Simba tried running away but is caught in the stampede and climbs a dead tree. Meanwhile, Mufasa and Zazu notice the stampede from a distance but don't pay much attention to it. Then Scar runs to them telling that Simba is down there. Thinking nothing but the safety of his son, Mufasa goes down to the stampede and saves Simba, putting him over a cliff to safety before he falls down. Mufasa manages to jump up and climb a larger cliff and asks his brother Scar to help him. Simba climbs up his cliff probably to come to his father when he thought he would come up the cliff. Anyways, Scar grabs Mufasa's paws, says those mocking words, "Long Live the King" and then throws him back into the stampede. Simba saw his father fall down the cliff but did not see Scar do his horrible act. Simba went down to the gore and saw his father's broken and dead body. Scar blamed it on Simba and told him to run away and never return. Then he gets chased by hyenas but runs away.

Scar tells the lionesses the Mufasa and Simba[[what he thought]] died in the stampede and takes the throne. He lets the hyenas in the Pridelands and stops all laws of over-hunting and killinng for sport. For him, he thinkgs that him being king makes him do whatever he wants and to boss people around.Simba was close to death by heat exhaustan but Timon and Pumbaa find him. Seeing Simba depressed about his past, the teach him about the "Hakuna Matata" lifestyle and also introduce him to a diet of bugs. he grows up in the jungle and seems to be a handful for the two[[as seen in Lion King 1/2]] still having an adventurous nature and had a hard time going to sleep.

One day a young lioness appears and it was SImba's childhood friend, Nala. Their friendship blossomed into love[[as seen in "Can you feel the Love Tonight"]]. After the song, Nala asks Simba to take his respondsibilty as king and come back to the Pride lands. Simba, still guilty about thinking he caused his father's death refuses to come back and tell her why thinking that would make her hate him. it leads to an arguement and Simba goes to the Grasslands to be alone, leaving an angry and bitter Nala alone. Rafiki thens comes in and tells Mufasa is alive, in him[[Simba]]. After seeing Mufasa in his reflection, Simba sees mufasa in the clouds and sees that he must take his place in the great Circle of Life.

Simba comes back to the Pride lands angry after seeig the colorful Pridelands becoming a wasteland. Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa follow him ready to protect the Pridelands. Simba confronts Scar after Scar almost killed his mother and admits to the lionesses about him thinking that he was the one that caused Mufasa's death. Thinking he had won, Scar tells Simba that he himself had killed Mufasa. Simba told Scar to tell everyone the truth and he did. A fight between the hyenas and lions broke out. Simba was bale to find Scar who was walking away from the fight. Scar pleaded with his nephew to spare him and blamed it on the hyenas. Simba didn't believe but decided not to sink into Scar's level so he banished him. Then Scar threw hot coal into Simba's eyes and a fight broke out between them. Simba threw Scar over a cliff where he was eaten by the hyenas.


My Opinion on Simba

I personally love Simba, he's my favorite male character in the Lion King. many people, including myself can really relate to him. He's truely a good soul, although not perfect that was broken by his Uncle. I like that he was so rambunctious and cool, that really reminds me of myself. =O Many people said like he ran away from his problems but that's not excactly true. Scar exiled him after making him think that he caused his own father's death and then he didn't want to go back because he was too afraid. But really, who can blame him and the one's who do are losers. For one thing, he thought that he killed his father and he actually had a good relationship with him! I mean, c'mon! Secondly, what would his mom think? I know that she's kind and loving to her son but do you think she would react if this happened?

Simba:-Walks in the cave-

Sarabi:-Hello son, how was your day?

Simba:Well I took a walk and accidently killed Dad.

Sarabi: That's good...wait what?!

Ok, I know that really wouldn't of happened. >_> Seeing that it was an accident and Mufasa was trying to save him, Sarabi wouldn't hold a grudge against her own son for something he did mean to do[[Lucky Simba! >_<]]. Anyways, I think he's very brave, [[I know he didn't want to go back to the Pride Lands]] but when a freind or family member is in need Simba does not hesitate to do anything to protect him/her. He's also a hot adult. o///O Nothing is wrong with me. <_<;

Simba Quotes

"Dad! Daad! Come on, Dad, we gotta go. Wake up!"

"My dad just showed me the whole kingdom, and I'm going to rule it all. Heh heh."

"I think those hyenas were even scareder."

"Well, somebody once told me that the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us."

"It's a good thing I did. I almost lost you. No more hunts for you; not ever!"

"Fire is a killer. Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before..."

"Heh heh heh. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the warthog. What's the matter, pops?  Had a little too much Hakuna Matata?"

"I couldn't have done it without you guys."

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