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Name Translation:Gift[[Swahili]]
Personality:As a cub, she seemed to have the same rambunctious personality as Simba except having a little bit more of an attidute but has a tiny bit more respect for the rules han Simba. When she's older she becomes a feirce and brave lioness, not afraid to protect her loved ones. When she becomes the queen, she calmed down and became more motherly and wise but still not afraid to protect her loved ones. She also seems to have high morals all through her adulthood and can be stubborn at times.
Nala is the daughter of Sarafina and an unknown lion[[I have a theory of who it is but I'll tell you when I put up my fanfiction and the whole story ^_^]]. As growing up she seemed to like going on adventures with Simba and had a close friendship with him.
One day, as Nala was being bathed by her mother Simba came down and asked if she could go to the "watering hole" with him. At first Nala thinks that they were really going to the watering hole but Simba tells them they are going somewhere else. Nala asks her mother if she could go with him, who asks Sarabi, who says that it was alright with her as long as Zazu goes with them. While walking to the watering hole with Zazu flying overhead, Simba tells nala that they are going to the Elephant Graveyard, but they have to find a way to distract Zazu. Zazu comes down and tells the young cubs about them being engaged which was a yucky idea for them. Simba breaks out into song about how he wants to become king. She only sang a few verses in the song but it was her idea. After Zazu is distracted Simba and Nala come to the Grave Yard but Zazu is able to catch up with them. They are then almost eaten by hyenas but Mufasa saves them.
Later, the lionesses find out about Simba[[what everyone thought]] and Mufasa's death. Nala had to face the hardships of living under Scar's destructive rule. She may have even been abused by some of the hyenas since they might of wanted revenge. But she seemed to devote her life for her pride though it was becoming destroyed. Also in the Broadway Musical it is seen that Scar even wanted her to become his Queen but she refused and gave him a stratch. It is unknown if thise really happens in the actual story or not.
Nala runs away from the Pride Lands to find help. While in the jungle she spots a warthog and chases it trying to hunt it. When she almost had gotten the warthog and even a meerkat with it, an adult lion comes to rescue them But he was no match for Nala's strength and even recognized her. When she asked him who he was, she found out it was Simba. Their friendship blossomed into love[[ "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" Take it Elton John! xD]]. In the Lion King 1/2, it is shown that Timon and Pumbaa tried to stop them feel the Love tonight by throwing a thron at Nala's paw[[whihc kinds fueled the romance]], letting out bees, a spider, and tried tripping the two but they still were in love. After the date, Simba and Nala argued about him taking his place as King. Nala wanted him to come back, not knowing that Simba is still feeling guilty about his father death[[in which he thought he caused]]. After the fight, Simba leaves an angry and upset Nala alone and goes to the grasslands to be by himself. Probably feeling guilty about the whole fight, Nala tried to find Simba but he isn't anywhere to be found. She asks Timon and Pumbaa if they've seen him anywhere. Rafki comes in and told him that Simba has gone to regain the throne.
Nala comes back to the Pride lands and sees that Simba has found the Pride lands in ruins. Then, Nala rallies the lionesses and comes to Simba's confrontation to Scar. Then Simba admits his guilt[[from what he thought]] about Mufasa's death, which surprises Nala and the other lionesses, Then Simba forces Scar to admit his true guilt and Nala was the first one to charge at the hyenas that were charging Simba. A huge battle breaks out and in the end, Scar dies. The PrideLands are restored to it's former glory.