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Name Translation::None[[Reported to be the last king of Bagada]]
Personality:As a powerful king, he is wise and kind-hearted in his ruling. Though he can be stern at times, he only wants what's best for his kingdon and loved ones. He's also pretty brave seeing how he scares the crap out of the hyenas[[but dude, Mufasa is huge xD]]. So pretty much overall he's a great guy with a heart as big as the savaanah and I think it's wrong that people think that he hated his brother Scar. It was vice-versa peoples!
Mufasa was the first born to King Ahadi and Queen Uru.
Soon, Mufasa married Sarabi and became King of the Pridelands. He learned the balance of the Circle of life and ruled wisely with his understanding. Not long in his rule, he had a son named Simba. He taught Simba how to become a wise king like himself. But still in the shadows was his brother Scar[[aka Taka]]. He tricked Simba into going into the Elephant Graveyard with Nala but gladly Zazu came with them Mufasa was able to save them. Though he was dissappointed in his son, he decided to just teach about the great kings of the past.
Later, Scar started a giant stampede in a gorge with Simba in it. Mufasa was not far from the gorge and saw the stampede and thought of it as "Odd". Then Scar told him that Simba was down there and ran into the gorge. he managed to save Simba but fell back in the stampede. He was able to climb a cliff where he asked his brother to help him. Then Scar pierces Mufasa's paws with his claws and says those huanting words,"Long Live the King..." before throwing him off the cliff to his death.
Mufasa is then a spirit, and tells Simba in the clouds that he must go back to the Pride Lands and restore the Circle of Life. He then tells Simba, "Remember..." in the clouds again when Simba reclaimed the throne.[[Yay for happy endings!]]
My Opinion on Mufasa
I really like Mufasa. He's a great father to Simba, a loyal mate, and a great king. What really annoys me is when people say "Mufasa was too hard on Simba after the Elephnat graveyard." Wrong! At first he was saying that he was dissappointed in himand then he said that even he cane be afraid. The tension falls and it Fatherly son Love. X_x; Now you see? I wish he didn't die so young. People really don't see him as 'young' but he had a whole kingship and a great life infront of him. And because of his selflessness and Scar's jealousy he slept with the stampede.
Mufasa Quotes
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